We offer a very broad range of services for our clients. From color to haircuts to wedding preparation, 
we have a service to help you look your best.

All Styling and make-up services are available for out of salon bookings.

Varies by Stylist - $65-$95

Priced Upon Consultation

Special style, flat-iron, curls Priced upon consultation

Priced Upon Consultation

Hair & Make-Up services offered for your wedding party in our salons or on location.

Hair Extensions - Priced upon consultation
Professionally applied with the highest quality products available. Extensions can be used to add fullness to fine hair or to create beautiful long hair.

Conditioning Treatments
We offer a variety of treatments for all types of hair. Ask your stylist or colorist which is best for your individual needs. We also offer relaxing treatments that are combined with massage, these services are provided by our specially trained treatment specialists. Please call to book your treatments.

Brazilian Blowout
The original Acai smoothing treatment for frizz free, smooth hair that lasts up to 12 weeks. Priced upon consultation.

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex helps keep hair soft, shiny and luxurious after keratin therapy. Treatment infused liquid keratin protein deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl from each strand. Priced upon consultation.